Human Growth Hormone

The human growth hormone can be found in the body naturally and usually occurs during puberty. However, it can be found at all times and as a person gets older, it will become less and less prominent. HGH is known to help with the build of muscles and also the growth of bones. In adults, the hormone aids with the metabolism to keep a person healthy.

Hormone supplements that can be taken:

There are also human growth hormone supplements that can be taken and are very popular with sportsmen and those who compete in bodybuilding. While the hormone occurs in the pituitary gland, in the brain, it is not always enough to be able to build the muscle required for bodybuilding competitions.

HGH could be taken:

Originally, HGH could only be taken from dead bodies and then injected into a living person. While his was effective, it did cause a number of problems, including the Creutzfled-Jakob Disease. This was extremely common but would go undetected for 30 years. The carriers would then pass the disease onto their offspring and it would leave a whole family at risk of developing the condition. These days HGH is produced by pharmaceutical companies, this however is very expensive. Underground labs in China as of late have also started producing HGH at a much cheaper price, the main problem though is quality and fakes.

Knowing about the CJD developing:

However, while not knowing about the CJD developing, synthetic strands of the hormone was being developed. This led to the ability to develop supplements in the lab and the people who took them were no longer at the risk of developing CJD. These supplements are now approved by the FDA while the ones developed from cadavers are not longer allowed.

Popular with sportsmen:

While it is popular with sportsmen, it has been banned from many competitions, including the Olympic Games. It is still used by many body builders because it aids with building muscle, especially strong and lean muscle. It means that heavier weights can be lifted. However, unlike steroids, this hormone does not aid with the production of red blood cells which means that not as much oxygen is passed around the body. This means that those who take them for endurance sports are not doing themselves any favors. The oxygen will not pass to the heart better so performance is not improved.

Hormone can be found naturally:

While the hormone can be found naturally in the body, taking supplements does have some side effects. However, these supplements are all different in every person and some many not effect one person while may be very prominent in another.

Side effect:

One side effect that is seen in many people is the growth of hands. This is usually out of proportion with the rest of the body and the hands become almost like spades. The hormone affects the bones and can make them grown and change. While this is mostly seen in the hands, it is also common in the face too. The jaw is a very common place for this and this is usually noted by the spaces that appear between teeth.

Hormone affects:

The hormone also affects the oil glands, especially in the face. The oils then cause more acne to show. This is very common on the back and shoulders too. However, this can be helped through using medication such as Accutane. However the medication does not stop the skin from becoming very course. The tongue can also enlarge, since it is also a muscle, and the eyebrows become much bigger.

Taking supplements:

When taking supplements to aid with lean body mass and the production of this hormone, it is very important to have it prescribed by a doctor. While the side effects do not sound too dangerous, they can lead to other health problems. The swelling tongue can cause problems such as sleep apnea as the body struggles to get in air while you sleep. The changes in the bone structure leaves it possible to develop problems including bone cancer as the cells also change.

Life-threatening problems:

There are also many life-threatening problems when it comes to the heart. Because the heart is also a muscle, this will also change as others do. This can often lead to heart muscle disease and can prevent it from pumping blood normally; this causing circulation and other medical problems.

The heartbeat can also become irregular. While many can live with this, it does cause other problems and can cause death. However, this is something that a doctor will check for regularly to make sure that the problem does not get out of hand.

Other cells, and not just those in your bones, will change. Cell growth puts many people at risk of cancer because it leaves room for abnormal cells to grow. Most of the time the cancer will go undetected and it will sometimes be too late to be able to do anything about. However, with regular checks, you doctor can ensure that all of your new cells are normal and not causing life threatening problems.


There are many advantage to having more of this hormone in your system and it does aid with creating more lean body mass and removing the fat. However, there are a lot of side effects associated with it. You will need to decide whether it is worth risking your health for bigger and stronger muscles; you should never sacrifice your health for anything.

However, it has been known that this hormone can aid with the improvement of the immune system and has been tested as a way to help those who suffer with AIDS or HIV. No cure has been made but it has been used to help let the sufferers have a longer and more fulfilling life. Energy levels can also be improved due to the change to your metabolism.

If you are worried about the hormone and are going to be prescribed it then you should talk to your doctor. He will be able to give you all the advice you need and will also be able to explain how he will ensure that you will be monitored for any side effects.