What Gynecomastia is and How to Treat it

Gynecomastia is when the gland tissue in the breasts of a male to enlarge. This can happen naturally at any stage in a male’s life and is sometimes confused with pseudogynecomastia, which is when fat deposits collect in the breasts; this is usually found in men who are obese.

The breast enlargement can happen at any stage due to changes in the levels of the hormone estrogen in the system. This is produced naturally in a male but does not usually out balance the testosterone. It is the female hormone, which is what makes women’s breasts grow. While it can happen at any time in a man, it usually stops after puberty.

There are many reasons why the process can happen. While most of it is natural, other medical conditions can cause the problem, including cirrhosis of the liver and malnutrition. Both of these conditions change the hormone levels quickly.

If a male has a problem with his testes, he could find a drop in his testosterone levels. As the estrogen becomes higher, it usually leads to gynecomastia. This can also happen if there has been a reduce in the blood flow or there has been a trauma or infection in the area. Unfortunately, those who suffer from testicular cancer are at risk of the breast enlargement dues to different hormone levels appearing.

There are some, very common medical conditions that can affect the level of hormones in the body, including hyperthyroidism, which is when the thyroid is over working. Chronic renal failure can also cause the problem.

Medical conditions are not the only problem; some medication can also cause this as a side effect. The majority of these medications are prescribed by a doctor so you will be warned if this is a side effect; your doctor will also be able to monitor you to ensure your health.

Calcium channel blockers can cause the tissues to grow. This is use to help with the treatment of hypertension. In fact, many drugs that are used to help with hypertension have been known to have this side effect.

If a man has suffered from prostate cancer, there are chances that estrogen therapy has been needed. This creates more estrogen in the body than testosterone or any other hormone and it can lead to the growth of the tissues. Also, treatments for HIV has been known to lead to the condition. However, in most cases this is the fat deposits and not the growth in tissues; this will be something that you need your doctor to confirm for you.

Drug abuse has also been known to cause the problem and the use of some essential oils, such as lavender or tea tree, can cause an imbalance of the hormones, which leads to the swollen lymph nodes.

There are many bodybuilders who find that they suffer from this condition and it is due to the side effects from steroids (for more on steroid side effects see here https://steroidsa.co.za/anabolic-steroids/steroid-side-effects/). This happens with those where the testosterone converts into estrogen. The new levels of hormones upset the body’s makeup. Many men find that their breasts grow because of the increase in the tissues in the breast area. This is not a side effect with all hormones, as some will convert into progesterone and some will not convert into anything other than the testosterone that is being put into the body in the first place.

There are not always risks with the swollen lymph nodes but that all depends on the reason behind the occurrence. It is worth remembering that this does happen naturally but should be over after two years of it starting. If it has not stopped after two years, you should speak to a doctor to find out if there are other reasons for the breasts to enlarge.

You will notice that the gynecomastia is happening due to the sensitivity of the area and the enlargement of the breasts. This is not due to fat but is due to the tissue around the area. Sometimes, this can happen on only one side rather than being symmetrical. The growth is usually around the nipple, which is how it can be made clear that this is the tissue growth and not breast cancer. You should see your doctor when you find that this is happening, however, to be able to rule out all possibilities.

While the condition usually disappears on its own, there are times that treatment is needed. Again, this will also depend on the reason for the tissue growth. The main form of treatment is stopping any medication that is causing it, as long as there are no other health risks for doing that. There have not yet been any medication that has been approved by the FDA to help with the treatment of gynecomastia and it usually leads to gynecomastia surgery if the symptoms have not disappeared after 12 months. By this point, the tissues will have become too scared for anything to be effective.

While there are no medications that have been approved, there are options that have been used. The first is testosterone replacement therapy, which aids with the re-balance of the hormones. Tamoxifen and raloxifen have also been used to help with the reduction of the breasts but they do not work on the whole area. These options are only usually used when the condition is painful.

While there are no effects to the body’s health when the enlargement of the breasts occurs, there are some side effects around the area. The main one is that because the tissues have enlarged, they can become scarred. This usually happens when the condition has been present for more than 12 months. There are also psychological problems for many males, especially when this happens during puberty. The enlargement of the breasts can lead to embarrassment, which can then lead to anxiety or depression.

You should see your doctor immediately when you realize that the problems are occurring. This can help to prevent it from getting worse and can help with the reduction of the breasts sizes. While gynecomastia cannot be prevented, it can be treated.